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Shiny Games Day: 7 Years of Shiny Games

Shiny Games is seven years old today, so it seemed like a good point to reflect on where we are and where we’re going in the next year (or seven).

27th October 2015

While Shiny Games didn’t begin overnight, the company officially came into being on 27th October 2015. That was the point it was declared to be more than just a nice idea, or wishful thinking. The idea was to support great games that were hard to find in the United Kingdom. This seemed especially true of many good skirmish games, but we knew it needed to include roleplaying games too.

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Knights of Dice Scenery in the UK

The preorder for Knights of Dice scenery ended on Wednesday 24th February 2016. You can still get Knights of Dice Buildings from Shiny Games, and several new lines have been added since this article was written. Look at the webstore’s Knights of Dice Category to find out more Some out-of-date pricing information has been removed from the listings in this blog post, but the text remains unchanged.

If you haven’t seen Knights of Dice scenery then it’s worth checking out. Made from MDF with plastic and card components, they have some really impressive buildings to choose from. There’s a great range of American-style buildings called Sentry City, with a cool early-mid 20th Century feel. As if those weren’t enough, the accompanying Chinatown range will make your miniatures feel like they’ve stepped onto the set of Big Trouble in Little China.

Knights of Dice Chinatown cityscape

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