To get the most out of a new game, you’re going to need a few things:

  • People to play with
  • Some knowledge of the rules
  • Miniatures and tokens of some kind

The Community section of our website aims to provide these things for you as best we can. Whether it’s help finding other players or a place to play, tutorial videos or the quick start rules and resources so you can try a game out, this is a roundup of what you need to play.

Find Players and Groups

We’re hosting an ever increasing list of gaming groups from all around the UK and do our best to keep it up to date. Finding a group that plays games you’re interested in is often the best way to try something out before spending your hard earned cash.

Social Media

Groups on social media can also be useful to find other players of a new game throughout the country. These are usually game-specific and for the games that we currently support in our store we’d recommend:

Relic Knights UK on Facebook for Relic Knights

UK Infinity the Game on Facebook for Infinity

Tail Feathers – English for UK/US and other English speaking players

Knowledge, Tutorials and Game Resources

Check out our game-specific resource pages:

Relic Knights

Tail Feathers

Infinity – coming soon!

X-Wing – coming soon!