Neo Sentry Easy District

Neo Sentry Easy District“Ain’t nothing easy ’bout Easy District! Just a bunch of filthy mazes, broken buildings, scum buckets and low-lifes on every corner. See that granny over there; she prolly gonna rob ya. Ever seen a cop in Easy District?  You prolly think you aint, but ya has.  See that jacket there? Cop. Just as vile and corrupt as any of ’em, he prolly down here in Easy looking to score I say.  Ain’t nothing easy ’bout Easy District.”

Neo Sentry

No matter which District you live in you’ll be hard pressed to live a quiet peaceful life in Neo Sentry. Over population, pollution, corruption, crime and around every corner. The Corporation makes sure you’ll continue living in the Districts. They say there has never been a District Dweller rise up and live amongst the Chosen in the Sectors; if you keep your wits about you, your guns concealed and your cards close perhaps you could be the first.

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