The Colonial Expeditionary Force

The Colonial Expeditionary Force - CEFMany Terra Novans still carry bitter reminders of the Colonial Expeditionary Force and its last attempt to invade Terra Nova a generation before. The CEF returned as a conquering army, accepting nothing less than total submission.

The CEF is the military force of the New Earth Commonwealth, a government from the remains of civilization on an Earth damaged by centuries of warfare and misuse. The average NEC citizen lives an unpleasant life in a domed city or, even worse, foraging in harsh wastelands. To these people, the government and the CEF are reaching out to take new worlds to settle and develop. The colony worlds are the best choice, as they are already prepared for human residents. The CEF has an ancient claim on all the colonies Earth helped develop centuries before, and the CEF is coming to collect.


The Genetically Recombined Experimental Legionnaire, or GREL for short, is a subspecies of homo sapiens designed and grown by the New Earth Commonwealth to subjugate Earths former colonies. These make up the vanguard of the Colonial Expeditionary Force; they regularly overpowered and controlled any colony who did not abide by the wishes of the homeworld.

These soldiers are physically different to humans; they stand over 7ft tall and typically having a purplish skin completion. They were markedly stronger, faster and more agile than a baseline human. Each GREL is bred for a specific role, as one of the designed “classes”. They would therefore generally never deviate from that role of their own accord. Said to be the perfect soldier, a GREL has little will of his/her own. The CEF maintains strict control over them with breeding control and brainwashing.

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