Nuem LogoThe Nuem were a peaceful race who fled underground from war with the Britanans into much worse danger. Betrayed and enslaved by the Naedre who had promised to help them escape, they became trapped in metal prisons and slowly lost their minds. Only through the leadership of a young girl who the gods spoke to directly, and by changing their understanding of the pain they suffered, could they free themselves from the Naedre and return to the surface. Once there, the metal prisons on their bodies became machines of war to help them regain their place on Relicia.

You can find all the troops currently available for this faction of Relics below. We will have more reinforcements available soon.

Nuem Rules in Relics 2nd Edition

You can download the latest Relics 2nd Edition Rules from the Tor Gaming downloads page. This includes the latest profiles for Nuem units.

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Showing all 3 results