Relics MercenariesMercenaries can be taken by multiple factions of the Relics game to enhance their own forces. Not all mercenaries will fight for all factions however. We’ve noted in our Shiny Games comments at the end of each mercenary unit if there are factions they can’t be used with. Mercenary units allow you to include skills and abilities not common in your faction in your army for greater flexibility.

It is also possible to field a force made entirely of mercenary units if you wish. This gives you more access to unusual Limited units than other factions too.

You can find the Mercenary units currently available to the Relics factions below. More mercenary reinforcements will follow soon.

Mercenaries Rules in Relics 2nd Edition

You can download the latest Relics 2nd Edition Rules from the Tor Gaming downloads page. This includes the latest profiles for Mercenary units.

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Showing all 2 results