Vaettir LogoThe Vaettir are an ancient race. They taught the gods everything they knew but didn’t intervene when those powers led to violence. In fact, they didn’t intervene in outsiders squabbles until the humanity of the Britanan forced them to act – with terrible results! Their magical attack on the Britanans left most humans dead, but changed almost every other race of Relcia too. They themselves were transformed and disfigured into fearsome elemental beings.Ultimately they blamed the other races for what they had been forced to do, and now war relentlessly on these lesser nations with fury and hatred.

You can find all the troops currently available for this faction of Relics below. Further reinforcements will be available soon.

Vaettir Rules in Relics 2nd Edition

You can download the latest Relics 2nd Edition Rules from the Tor Gaming downloads page. This includes the latest profiles for Vaettir units.

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Showing all 2 results