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The Aleph Sourcebook contains guidance on creating characters connected to the AI Aleph, plus all you need to know about Aleph and its organisations.

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Beset by an alien menace and riven with internal conflict, the Human Sphere’s days are far from numbered; its appointed guardian will do everything within its power to ensure that those who gave it life and continue to work alongside it are protected from the horrors without and the enemies within. Find out everything you need to know about this guardian and its cohorts in the Aleph Sourcebook.

There can be only One!

Conceived through the hardships and ingenuity of Project Toth, the AI known as ALEPH has embarked on an enduring journey of self discovery that allows it to not only continue to grow but also perpetuate a cycle that enables a deeper understanding between itself and its progenitors.

In addition, Aleph is entrusted with the monumental task of overseeing the Human Sphere. ALEPH runs the daily functions providing humanity with the freedoms they are accustomed to. Whether they want it or not, ALEPH is everyone’s best friend. And the SOLE AI law ensures it will stay that way.

Not everyone believes the AI has humanity’s best interests at heart, however. From within, Nomads work tirelessly to infiltrate MATA and subvert ALEPH; rogue AI’s seek to evolve beyond the AI’s grasp; meanwhile, from without, the Evolved Intelligence seeks to assimilate the entirety of the Human Sphere into its ever expanding Empire. The Special Situations Section of Aleph provides an answer to each. None are more drastic than the legendary forces of the Steel Phalanx that fight relentlessly against the Combined Army. With guidance on creating AI characters, new gear to equip them with and fresh perspectives on the AI’s agenda, this sourcebook reveal the many layers of ALEPH as never seen before.

Aleph Sourcebook Contents:

    • Details on the inner workings of ALEPH, from its well-known history and Aspects to new insights and allies
    • Focussed lifepaths that allow players to create AIs that are either part of or independent from ALEPH. Plus, additional Lifepaths for humans and posthumans connected to the AI
    • Additional armour, equipment and adversaries specific to ALEPH, including new Lhost bodies, ALEPH-specific armour and weapons, and stats for several unique adversaries
    • Advice on running high-action Special Situations Section campaigns, plus an entire chapter dedicated to advance infowar techniques.

Note: Requires a copy of the Infinity RPG Core Book to use.

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