Athena Destroyer


This pack includes a Jovian Athena-class Destroyer model for your Jovian Confederation fleet in the Jovian Wars fleet battle game.

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This pack includes one Jovian Athena-class Destroyer model in 1/4000 Scale and its acrylic base. It includes all the resin and pewter parts to make a standard Athena-class ship for your Jovian Fleet.

You can include up to 2 Athena-class Destroyers in your Jovian Fleet per 250 points of fleet size; the cost of each Athena is 47 points. Find out more about it in the latest Jovian Wars rulebook which is free to download from


  • 1x Athena Destroyer model
  • 1x 3″ x 1.5″ Acrylic base and 1 7/8″ long mounting post (1/8″ diameter)

Note: Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. The contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 28 g
Dimensions 140 × 100 × 20 mm



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