Austrican the Ogre and Isabeau Durand

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Austrican the Ogre and Isabeau Durand are uniques from the Shattered Sword faction of the Relic Knights.

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Austrican the Ogre and Isabeau Durand are forces to be reckoned with from the Shattered Sword Paladins. With the fury of an avalanche, Austrican sweeps aside his foes with blows from his hammer, Divine Crater. Isabeau follows in his wake, tending to the fallen and purifying the reclaimed ground.


  • 1x Austrican the Ogre Model
  • 1x Isabeau Durand Model
  • Unit Tracker and Reference Cards
  • 1x 30mm Base
  • 1x 50mm Base

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

Shiny Games says about Austrican the Ogre and Isabeau Durand

Austrican and Isabeau are two of the great heroes of the Shattered Sword Paladins. Austrican is a large and powerful melee character on the gaming table. Isabeau may carry a huge sword, and know how to use it, but she is a Purifier officer at heart and units around her will heal simply from her presence.

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