Badlands Tors

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The Badlands Tors are prepainted scenery pieces for tabletop wargames.

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The Badlands Tors set contains five different pieces of pre-painted terrain for wargames of any scale.

Centuries of erosion by wind and water have carved stunning stone monuments out of the clay-rich earth of the Badlands. Large flat-topped plateaus and bluffs tower across the landscape, granting commanding views to those who scale their towering heights. Clumps of eroded rocks dot the stark region providing cover to advancing units or concealing dangers from unsuspecting victims.

Gale Force Nine’s Battlefield in a Box Badlands sets enable you to create a new landscape for your miniature wargame battles, from the stunning vistas of the American Old West, to the desert canyons of Northern Africa, to arid alien worlds in far-flung galaxies. These new terrain pieces were sculpted by Gale Force Nine’s Lizzie Willick. Each piece is pre-painted and ready for your battles right out of the box. These terrain pieces work for any scale of miniature combat. Will your forces dare to cross into Badlands?


  • 5x Prepainted Badlands Rocks (each a different design)

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Weight 820 g
Dimensions 264 × 210 × 114 mm


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