Betty and Lug

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Betty and Lug, her chee companion, have been a fixture on the Cerci Racing Circuit for years. Known for her tough, no nonsense approach to running her crew, Betty is highly sought after by the top racers on the circuit. With Lug backing her up, she has the muscle to make sure both friend and foe stay on course.


  • 1x Betty Model
  • 1x Lug Model
  • 1x 30mm Base
  • 1x 50mm Base
  • Character Tracker and Reference Cards

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

Shiny Games says about Betty and Lug

Betty and Lug make a great team to include in a Cerci cadre. Although they are separate unique choices, the fact that Lug has the Linked (Betty) ability means that you get a lot more benefit from using them together. Betty also gains armour from staying close to Lug, which is handy because she has none of her own. She does have a handy Redirect action though that allows her to redirect attacks at Lug instead, just incase they need to split up.

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Weight 61 g
Dimensions 124 × 70 × 38 mm



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