Blue Esper Crystals: Law Pack (10)

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Blue Esper Crystals designed for the Relic Knights miniatures game. They can be used to adorn scenery and miniature bases.

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Blue Esper Crystals are physical manifestations of Law Esper. Esper crystals are often seen just before the Darkspace Calamity occurs in an area and those seeking to prevent the Calamity rush to investigate. When multiple factions meet during such investigations conflict frequently occurs, making these crystals the perfect adornment for your miniature bases and scenery.

In Relic Knights, terrain can be given the Crystal Growth trait which means it has been overrun with Esper crystals, a sign of impending Calamity. However, units that begin their activation in contact with this terrain gain 1 held esper – not a bad start to your go!

This pack includes a set of ten randomly selected translucent blue resin crystals, with a footprint measuring 2mm to 10mm across. Master sculpts by Dave Taylor.


  • 10x Law Blue Crystals

Shiny Games says about Blue Esper Crystals

These crystals from Secret Weapon Miniatures make perfect additions to your miniatures and terrain/scenery pieces for Relic Knights games. Note however that they are not large enough to be terrain pieces in themselves – see the image gallery above for a picture of a typical set of crystals alongside a small coin.

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Weight 6 g
Dimensions 89 × 75 × 10 mm



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