The Book of Skelos

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Don your wards and charms, step inside your circle of protection, and read these accursed pages!

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The Book of Skelos delves into the deepest mysteries of sorcery in the Hyborian Age, dramatically expanding the rules for sorcery and all things magical for gamemaster and player characters alike.

“Read, if you dare, what Skelos wrote, with dead hands fumbling his silken coat; and follow the ships through the wind-blown wrack — follow the ships that come not back.”

Included within these pages are rules and guidelines on handling player character and non-player character sorcerers. They also cover the usages of sorcery in campaigns, a host of magic items and creatures of the Outer Dark. Finally, new skills and techniques will bolster any sorcerer’s repertoire.


  • New sorcerous archetypes for player characters to become; the industrious Alchemist, cunning Charlatan, enlightened Sage, devoted Sorcerer and primitive Witch Doctor —  with new sorcerous backgrounds, educations, and natures.
  • New skills and techniques such as necromancy, mesmerism, mummery, herbalism, human sacrifice, and astrology. These will equip your sorcerer player characters and foes alike with a wide range of techniques and tactics.
  • New spells and alchemical enchantments, from Artifice of Yag to Visions of Exalted Wisdom.
  • Artifacts such as the Heart of Ahriman and the Serpent Ring of Set, including a host of strange devices, ancient technologies, and weird scientific oddities from a forgotten era.
  • New types of exalted sorcery, like rituals and great workings such as Rend the Earth’s Bones and Opening the Gateway Between, to bring terror to the world!
  • Rules for creating life, spawning new horrors, and modifying existing monsters with all-new sorcerous qualities.
  • Expansive rules for creating and fostering sorcerous cabals, pitting them against one another, and using them to pursue goals both diabolical and deadly.
  • A history of sorcery spanning from the dawn of time through the Cataclysm, into the Hyborian Age. Thrill to tales of prehuman civilizations and their greatest secrets!
  • Developed with leading Conan scholars, this is the darkest sorcery of the Hyborian Age revealed at last, as Howard created it!

This book requires the Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of corebook to use.

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