Clan Fire Star

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The Clan Fire Star includes 5 Clan OmniMechs for your BattleTech force – the Warhawk, Nova Cat, Cougar, Kit Fox and Fire Moth.

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The Clan Fire Star expansion provides five Clan Omnimech models for your games of BattleTech (or BattleTech: Alpha Strike). The Clans typically group their ‘Mechs into units of five, called a Star.

This Star comprises a range of five different-sized OmniMechs, from the light Fire Moth (known as the Dasher by Inner Sphere forces) to the 85 ton Warhawk. The Warhawk, known as the Masakari (referring to a medieval Japanese battle axe) to Inner Sphere forces, carries an awe-inspiring four Particle Projection Cannons in its primary configuration.

This box includes the Warhawk, Nova Cat, Cougar, Kit Fox and Fire Moth BattleMechs. These high-quality plastic models come pre-built with no assembly required. The box also includes five MechWarrior pilot cards and five Alpha Strike cards for use with the alternative Alpha Strike rules.

Clan Fire Star Contents:

  • Warhawk Assault OmniMech (also known as the Masakari)
  • Nova Cat Heavy OmniMech
  • Cougar Light OmniMech
  • Kit Fox Light OmniMech (also known as the Uller)
  • Fire Moth Light OmniMech (also known as the Dasher)
  • 5 MechWarrior pilot cards
  • 5 Alpha Strike cards.

Note: Model supplied unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Dimensions 191 × 141 × 70 mm



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