Command Red Custom Dice

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Engage in Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying

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These Command Red Custom Dice, made by Q-Workshop, compliment any Star Trek Adventures roleplaying session.

This Roleplaying Dice Set is perfect for playing the Star Trek Adventures RPG, containing three D20s in Command Division red. It also contains four six-sided Combat Dice, marked for use with Star Trek’s 2D20 system; this makes them much easier to read for that purpose than standard six-sided dice.


  • 3x twenty-sided dice in command division red with the Starfleet insignia on the ‘1’ face
  • 4x six-sided dice for use as Combat Dice with the 2d20 system, featuring damage symbols on the 1 and 2 faces, and the Starfleet insignia on the 5 and 6 faces, representing Effects.

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Weight 73 g
Dimensions 173 × 100 × 22 mm


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