Comme Il Faut

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A Castle Falkenstein Companion. Always in style. Always Comme Il Faut.

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Life in the Steam Ages is a confusing web of restrictions, rules, mores, & manners. But fret not, Dear Reader. In Comme Il Faut, Our latest publication for Castle Falkenstein, R. Talsorian Games now gives Players and Hosts alike a Guide to living the Stylish Life of the neo-Victorian world of New Europa.

This Useful Tome contains invaluable information such as:

  • Modes, Manners, and Related Topics from A-Zed, including Assignations; Duels; the Military; Traveling by Land, Sea & Air; Races & Regattas; and, of course, the Right Clubs and How to Keep Up Appearances
  • Proper applications of High Sorcery, including Cantrips, Wards, and New Lorebooks Recently Discovered. Additionally, Our Readers Most Frequently Asked Sorcerical Queries
  • How to Hold a Proper Dinner, Ball, or Weekend at Your Country Estate. This includes Notes on Boar Hunting, Parlour Games and the Casual Liaison Between Consenting Adults
  • Where the Fast Set is during the Season, plus all the Most Important News and Gossip from 1869-1880, and a Timeline of Personages of the Age, so that You Will Know When and Where to be Seen and With Whom
  • Alternate Rules & Clarifications of the Great Game, including a Freeform Alternative Gaming System, a Hard-Numbers Alternative Gaming System, and Guidelines for Live-action Steam Age Role-playing
  • Complete Victorian costuming on a budget for those of Modest Means, both Historical and Monetary
  • Plus: Nine New Skills & Abilities, Three New Roles, and Maps of the Most Important Places to be in 1870’s New Europa.

Comme Il Faut – A quality publication as useful and as timely as your DeBrett’s Peerage!

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