Conan The Barbarian

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“Barbarism is the natural state of mankind,” the borderer said, still staring somberley at the Cimmerian.

“Civilisation is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And Barbarism must always ultimately triumph.”

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Conan the Barbarian features the countries of the north: Asgard, Vanaheim, Hyperborea, and Conan’s own homeland of Cimmeria. These rough lands stand in stark contrast to their more civilised neighbours in the south, and the folk of these countries possess a savage vitality that has long been lost elsewhere.

These lands and people survived the great Cataclysm, yet barbarism is still the dominant way of life. Many people in the Hyborian kingdoms think these northern lands near mythical, but contained in these pages is a hoard of legend, lore, and facts for the gamemaster and players alike, to explore and adventure within these harsh and unforgiving kingdoms.

So sharpen your axe-blade and keep your shield held high, for it is a time of barbaric glory!

Conan the Barbarian Contents:

  • New archetypes, talents, backgrounds, and equipment; these allow you to create your own unique barbarian characters, born to the warlike and savage north.
  • A gazetteer covering the region Conan came from, bleak lands shrouded in snow and ice, and wreathed in fog. Detailed guides to the walled fortress cities of Hyperborea, the unruly clans of Cimmeria, and the warring tribes of Nordheim, the Æsir and Vanir.
  • A raid system, allowing the gamemaster to create and run raids, defining their loot, and determining the consequences.
  • Guides to running barbaric-themed games, with barbaric carousing rules, head-taking, shield-walls, berserkers, bardic abilities, and other features unique to the lands of the north.
  • Stunning art and maps, produced by worldrenowned Conan artists.
  • Developed with leading Conan scholars, this is the barbaric north of the Hyborian Age, just as Howard created it!

This book requires the Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of corebook to use.

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