Conan GM Screen & Gamemaster Toolkit

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Have everything you need to run the Conan RPG at your fingertips!

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The Conan Gamemaster Toolkit inspires the creation of thrilling plots, unforgettable characters, and unexpected twists in the vein of Robert E. Howard’s singular vision. Generate ideas for exciting action set-pieces, antagonists, scheming machinations, and weave them into a story all your own.

“Then the man Conan seemed suddenly to grow up in my mind without much labor on my part and immediately a stream of stories flowed off my pen or rather, off my typewriter almost without effort on my part.”

— Robert E. Howard

This sturdy four-panel Gamemaster’s Screen has four portrait-oriented panels. It contains the useful tables and charts from the core rulebook, as well as rules summaries for quick reference. Illustrated on the player-facing side with dramatic Conan artwork, this gamemaster screen may also double as a shield from arrows, thrown tankards or ale horns, and even hatchets.

Within this resource is a host of rules references for ease during play, with essential tables from the Conan core book. Here you have all the tools needed to bring Howard’s world to life.

Dip your quill into that deep reservoir of imagination; write adventures to turn your player’s deeds into legends worthy of Conan himself!


  • A 32-page toolkit filled with random tables and tips to inspire the creation of antagonists, adventures, and dramatic plots!
  • A squad sheet, allowing the gamemaster quick reference for groups of enemies to overcome.
  • Rules references taken from the Conan core book and condensed for ease of use.
  • Developed with leading Conan scholars, this is the definitive guide to creating and running Conan adventures in a savage world; a world that time has all but forgotten.

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