Dark Tides Adventure

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A Warhammer 40,000 – Wrath & Glory Adventure ideal for campaigns of tiers 2-4.

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The ocean world of Charybdion seethes with discontent and a growing sense of danger. Charybdion’s planetary governor has gone missing, and his councillors struggle to select a suitable heir. Meanwhile, mysterious murders, nightmares, and other dangers threaten to cast this planet into anarchy and despair. Dark Tides contains five linked adventures; they bring your heroes face-to-face with the dangerous villains responsible for Charybdion’s troubles. Can your heroes confront the vile forces spreading insanity and corruption? The fate of this planet is in your characters’ hands – if they can survive what lurks beneath the dark tides.

From the palace of the planetary governor to the seedy underhive, from streets plagued with horrific dreams to the depths of a terror-filled Enforcer facility, these adventures test the limits of your characters’ abilities. While these adventures are linked together in an overall narrative, there is advice for each one to be run as a standalone module instead, should you prefer.

You’ll find the adventures in Dark Tides are ideal for Wrath & Glory campaigns of tiers 2-4.

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