Delta Quadrant Sourcebook

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The Delta Quadrant sourcebook provides GMs and players with a wealth of source material about this dangerous part of the galaxy in Star Trek Adventures.

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The Delta Quadrant Sourcebook provides Gamemasters and Players with a wealth of information to aid in playing characters or running adventures set within the ever-expanding Star Trek universe. This 138 page full colour hardback contains details of many of the opponents seen in Star Trek: Voyager. Most significant of these, of course, was the Borg; they are covered in detail, including their history, technology and their ships.

“Somewhere along this journey, we’ll find a way back. Mister Paris, set a course for home.” — Captain Kathryn Janeway

Delta Quadrant Sourcebook Contents:

  • Detailed information about the post-war Federation and U.S.S. Voyager’s monumental mission, bringing the Star Trek Adventures timeline up to 2379.
  • Information on many of the species inhabiting the quadrant, including the Kazon Collective, the Vidiian Sodality, the Malon, the Voth, and more.
  • Extensive content on the Borg Collective, including their history, hierarchy, locations, processes, and technology.
  • A dozen new species to choose from during character creation, including Ankari, Ocampa, Talaxians, and even Liberated Borg!
  • A selection of alien starships, including Kazon raiders, Voth city-ships, Hirogen warships, and a devastating collection of new Borg vessels.
  • Guidance to aid the Gamemaster in running missions and continuing voyages in the Delta Quadrant.
  • Finally, a selection of adventure seeds and Non-Player Characters.
  • In addition to the book, this also includes a PDF copy of the Delta Quadrant sourcebook.

The Delta Quadrant Sourcebook requires the Star Trek Adventures core rulebook in order to play.

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