Dire Foes Mission Pack 6: Defiant Truth (Yu Jing vs Haqqislam) Leila Sharif, Xi Zhuang, Freelance Stringer

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Dire Foes Mission Pack 6: Defiant Truth tells of conflict between Yu Jing and Haqqislam.

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Dire Foes Mission Pack 6 – Defiant Truth: The race against the clock begins for our heroes when a freelance stringer receives a confidential data package that unveils a dark plot, a defiant truth that could destabilize the status quo of the Human Sphere. The mission for the Gui Feng Xi Zhuang and the Husam Leila Sharif is clear: take control of this information no matter the cost.

The Dire Foes packs are a great product and an exciting addition to their factions. This box includes a civilian miniature, a Freelance Stringer with a data package that could cause a scandal of epic proportions. It also makes a perfect HVT or mission objective. In addition, the scenario expands the Infinity Universe and brings it to life. The Dire Foes Mission Pack 6 box also contains five postcards, two of them with artwork and three with concept designs of the troops within the pack.


  • 1x Husam Operative Leila Sharif (Shock Marksman Rifle & Killer Hacking Device)
  • 1x Gui Feng Xi Zhulang (Combi Rifle & Light Flamethrower)
  • 2x MadTraps
  • 1x Free-Lance Stringer
  • 2x Artwork Postcards
  • 3x Concept Design Dossier Postcards
  • 1x Playable Ju Ying Army List
  • 1x Playable Haqqislamite Army List

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

Shiny Games says about Dire Foes Mission Pack 6: Defiant Truth

Unlike the previous Dire Foes packs, Corvus Belli have made the scenario for Defiant Truth available to everyone on their  Downloads page. The story continues the events of Operation: Red Veil, making this a perfect next-buy for those who have that 2-player starter set.

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