Domaru Butai

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The Domaru Butai are members of Nipponese culture that, either through family inheritance or military career, have reached the rank of Bushi, generally known as Samurai. This is the lowest-ranking nobility title in Nipponese culture, equivalent to the western Knight, which means it has no official relevance in modern Yu Jing society.

However, in the StateEmpire army, they are held in high esteem because of their military qualities. The temperate and traditionalist Bushi embody the ideal of the perfect Samurai. These Japanese aristocrats are natural born warriors, training from a very early age to uphold family traditions. Masters of the sword, the Domaru are experts in close quarters battle techniques. The Bushi are inscrutable and respectful warriors that follow the strict Samurai code of honour to the letter, as the scars on their hands and forearms prove.

The Yu Jing military salute consists of drawing and presenting weapons, but the Bushido code does not allow the blade of the katana to be sheathed without having tasted blood. To honour both traditions, the Domaru Butai cut themselves before sheathing their weapons. This behaviour could be seen as shocking but for the Domaru, life is a continuous challenge and death is always preferable to an unworthy life – as the Way of the Samurai resides in death. All Domaru are prepared to die, considering themselves dead before a battle starts. All are capable of sacrificing their personal safety, and even lives, to ensure a perfect blow that will bring victory.

“Winning is a must from the start so as to achieve victory always”
Master Tetsuzan, quoted in the Harakure.


  • Spitfire-armed Domaru
  • E/M Close Combat Weapon-armed Domaru
  • AP Close Combat Weapon-armed Domaru
  • Boarding Shotgun-armed Domaru

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