The Heart of the Wild

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The Heart of the Wild describes the lands of the Anduin River and Mirkwood Forest, and their inhabitants, in more detail for The One Ring RPG.

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The Heart of the Wild is a resource for The One Ring, describing the lands of the River and the Forest – the Vales of Anduin along the banks of the Great River, and the trackless forest of Mirkwood to the east. It expands on the descriptions given in the core book, offering new sanctuaries and new perils for the players to discover. Each region is described in detail, listing potential friends and foes, sites of interest and potential adventures.

An expanded bestiary contains a host of strange creatures and servants of the Enemy, from the beasts of the forest to the fabled Great Spiders. Variant Cultural Backgrounds like River Hobbits or Wayward Elves offer new options for adventurers. Meanwhile, new Fellowship Phase actions bring the wild to life in your games.

Follow the Anduin river down from the chill springs of the Misty Mountains to the southern edge of the Wild! Explore the dread forest of Mirkwood, running from the lonely thickets of the north to the gates of Dol Guldur! Enter the Heart of the Wild, and defend it against the rising Shadow.


  • In depth descriptions of Mirkwood and the vales of the Great River.
  • People and places that may hinder or help you in your adventures.
  • Two new playable cultures: the River Hobbits and the Wayward Elves.

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