Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack

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Heroes of the Resistance Expansion includes everything you need to add The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon and Black One to your X-Wing Miniatures Game.

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Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron and the heroes of The Force Awakens fight for freedom with the Heroes of the Resistance! This Expansion Pack for X-Wing features new sculpts for the Millennium Falcon and Poe Dameron’s black-and-orange T-70 X-wing. It also expands your fleet with three unique X-wing pilots, as well as new versions of Han Solo and Chewbacca. Meanwhile, the pack’s eighteen upgrades introduce new elite pilot talents, Tech upgrades, and unique Title upgrades for both the Millennium Falcon and Black One.


  • 1x Painted Plastic Millennium Falcon Ship with Large Base and Pegs
  • 1x Painted Plastic X-Wing Ship with Base and Pegs
  • 10x Ship Cards
  • 18x Upgrade Cards
  • 19x Tokens
  • 2x Manoeuvre Dials

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Weight 360 g
Dimensions 278 × 185 × 102 mm


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