Hounds of Nozuki

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The Hounds of Nozuki are a minion squad for the Noh Empire in Relic Knights.

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The howling of the Hounds of Nozuki are a primal terror to most of the species of the galaxy. Fearsome hunters, it is said that when the Hounds have caught your scent they can track you across the galaxy.


  • 4x Hounds of Nozuki Models
  • 4x 50mm Bases
  • 1x Unit Tracker Card
  • 1x Reference Card

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

Shiny Games says about the Hounds of Nozuki

This is a really useful unit for a Noh Empire player. They’re relatively cheap, so they’re good for making sure your force has the correct points if you’d rather not take Boosts. They’re a fairly fast unit so they can run to get objectives well. They are also good at moving opposing models around; their Demonic Howl can push an enemy out of position and knock them out of the queue. Their melee attack allows them to drag an opponent away from an objective or other good position.

As Beasts, they also work well with the commonly seen Noh Beastmaster. As well as him having a link with any beasts (including the Hounds of Nozuki), he can also move them around with support actions or when he melees, making them even more mobile.

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