Hunters and Force Users Adversary Deck

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The Hunters and Force Users Adversary Deck provides game statistics and a short description of 20 potential adversaries and allies on convenient cards.

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Although the Jedi Order was torn apart by Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and the coordinated efforts of Order 66, there are still Force-sensitive individuals scattered about the galaxy. They may be rare, and the galaxy may be vast, but fate has a way of drawing these remaining Force-sensitive characters toward each other.  That’s where the Hunters and Force Users Adversary Deck comes in handy

With the Hunters and Force Users Adversary Deck, you can find more ways to bring these characters together in your Star Wars Roleplaying campaign. You may have bounty hunters paid by the Empire to track down Force-sensitive individuals. You may find reluctant mentors among the fallen Jedi. Or you may find Force users who have turned to the dark side; these can serve as ferocious and deadly nemeses for your characters.

Whatever you’re hoping to find, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in this Adversary Deck. Even if the Force guides you to encounter Droidekas or a Jakobeast, its twenty adversary cards have got you covered.

Hunters and Force Users Contents:

  • 20 Adversary Cards
  • Instruction Card
  • Product Description & Credits Card

Note: This is not a standalone product. A copy of the Edge of the EmpireAge of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny is required to play.

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