Imperial Zoo

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The Imperial Zoo is a bestiary and travelogue for WFRP 4th Edition. It includes profiles for over 60 unique creatures, beasts and monsters of the Old World.

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The Imperial Zoo is a bestiary and travelogue of three daring expeditions into the Old World. These range from the heights of Karak Kadrin to the city of Miragliano in the southern land of Tilea. It includes profiles for over 60 unique creatures, beasts and monsters of the Old World. They will be perfect to challenge even the most competent of adventurers.

Also included are six new pregenerated Characters, each with their own skills, talents, and shady past. With these you can dive straight into a campaign focused on the truly mammoth threats that stalk the Old World.

The Imperial Zoo is a novel mix of bestiary and narrative. It’s packed with ideas and in-character commentary that illustrates how horrors such as Araknaroks, Chimeras, and Cockatrice are viewed by the denizens of the Old World.

You can drop it into any ongoing campaign that could use some fresh encounters. Alternatively, it can be a starting point for a group interested in tackling the horrendous beasts of the Old World for profit.

The Imperial Zoo Contents:

  • A thrilling narrative following the exploits of a group of adventurers as they make their way across the Old World in search of knowledge, and less savoury glories.
  • Dozens of creatures, including unique named beasts that threaten any who cross their paths. These range from the unusual but lethal Preyton to the devastating dragon Caledir, the Scythe of Fire.
  • New creature traits to ensure every group finds a challenge in these pages.
  • Rules for preserving and selling alchemical ingredients harvested from creatures, especially those touched by the winds of magic.
  • A quick reference chart of creature traits, to keep gameplay flowing during combat.
  • Six pregenerated characters, giving you everything you need to kick off your adventures right away.

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