Imperials and Rebels Adversary Deck

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The Imperials and Rebels Adversary Deck provides game statistics and a short description of 20 potential adversaries and allies on convenient cards.

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Populate your Star Wars universe with a whole range of potential allies, enemies, and contacts. Three Star Wars Roleplaying Adversary Decks each come with twenty cards, representing different NPCs. These are drawn from the Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion Core Rulebooks, or one of their supplements. Adversary cards work with all three of the Star Wars roleplaying systems; they present all your adversaries’ key statistics and information in an easily accessible fashion. Meanwhile, their art and description text help you set the scene and flesh out your NPCs’ personalities. The Imperials and Rebels Adversary Deck includes participants from both sides of the Galactic Civil War that you might come across on your adventures.

Every day, the growing Rebellion threatens the Galactic Empire on new battlefields and in new political arenas. As their military forces clash throughout the galaxy to win the war for either freedom or oppression, each side must also fight for the hearts and minds of the galaxy’s citizens. Each day, another reprehensible Imperial action produces new Rebel recruits, while more Imperials hope to rise through the ranks.

As Rebel cell leaders, starfighter aces, Imperial stormtroopers, Imperial Moffs, and Bothan spies are all taking sides in the fight for the galaxy in the Imperials and Rebels Adversary Deck. Its twenty NPCs provide you access to all levels of authoritarian enforcers and freedom fighters alike. No matter how the tides of battle may turn, this deck will prepare you for encounters with nearly anyone you might meet amid the heat of the Galactic Civil War.


  • 20x Adversary Cards
  • 1x Instruction Card
  • 1x Product Description & Credits Card

Note: This is not a standalone product. You will require a copy of the Edge of the EmpireAge of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny core rulebooks to play.


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