Infinity Campaign: Paradiso

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Infinity Campaign Paradiso is an expansion for Infinity the Game which includes:

  • More background and information about all the factions in Infinity.
  • A new alien faction, the Tohaa.
  • A complete Campaign Rulesystem, with rules to play scenarios and structure them into your own campaigns.
  • Experience Rules for your campaigns, with Command Experience which will allow you to enhance your game possibilities, and Spec-Ops Experience, which will allow you to customise and upgrade your own special operative.
  • A total of 16 different missions; each with its own special rules which allow you to play Infinity in a completely new and different way.
  • An expansion of the Infinity basic rules, with new rules, Special Skills and Equipment never seen before.
  • Army lists with new troops for all the factions involved; also new weapon charts, markers and templates, all to enhance the Infinity gaming experience.

This is the English language version of Paradiso.


Shiny Games says about Campaign Paradiso

Campaign Paradiso was written for the 2nd Edition of Infinity (N2), but is fully compatible with the current 3rd Edition (N3). Updates to unit profiles etc. are available for free from the Infinity website. If you’re looking to find out more about the backstory of Infinity’s conflicts or run campaigns for Infinity then this is definitely the book for you. It also gives you the rules for using Spec-Ops, allowing you to choose the skills and equipment of a personalised trooper in your army.

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