Infinity Rulebook 3rd Edition

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This is the core rulebook for the current version of Infinity, 3rd Edition.

It is 175 years in the future, and humanity has colonised a number of star systems. Despite ostensible peace and prosperity, the world powers still launch covert operations in secret wars waged for control over the Human Sphere.

Infinity is a 28mm metal miniatures game simulating special operations and skirmishes in  high technology sci-fi universe; an exciting and action-packed near-future where secret missions, black ops, and covert actions determine the destiny of Humankind.

Infinity boasts innovative and dynamic rules that keep both players engaged and participating throughout the entire game sequence.

With improved, streamlined rules, new troops, and more background to set the scene, Infinity 3rd Edition is the same game, but better!


  • Two full color soft cover books.
  • Rule Book (aproxamately: 275 pages).
  • Background Book (approxamately: 180 pages).
  • Slip Case that holds both books.

Shiny Games says about the Infinity Rulebook

These are the main rules and background books for Infinity 3rd Edition. The Infinity rulebook is available for free as a pdf from the Corvus Belli website so you can check out the game before buying. However, Infinity wouldn’t be Infinity without the cool background, so you will inevitably be drawn back to claim this two-book set as your own.

Infinity is a mature game with ten years of player community experience behind it, yet it hasn’t achieved the popularity it should have in that time. This has often been attributed to a lack of clarity in previous editions of the rules, caused in part by the translation from its native Spanish. The 3rd Edition Infinity rulebook overcame that obstacle and, together with the first Infinity two-player starter set also released in 2014, has unleashed a new wave of popularity for this great game.

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