Into the Outside

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Head into the Multiverse! Explore other dimensions and alternate realities.

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The Ninth World of the Numenera RPG is filled with the bizarre and unexpected. But beyond it, the truly astonishing awaits. Enter a dimension where you exist in three different places simultaneously. A pocket universe that transforms you into living sound. An existence where time carves living beings into separate time streams. Or a world where merely thinking changes reality. How can you even begin to cope with such radically different worlds? Explore them and find out! What will you find when you step into the outside?

The book also includes alternate realities you can experience. Perhaps firstly you could visit the Ascension of Kex-Lianish, a world consumed by living crystal. Alternatively, you might visit the Bloom, a vast creature composed of maws that can provide transport for you to other dimensions.


  • Ten transdimensional locations. Visit the Banded Bluff, the Endless Abode, the Whispering World, Celerillion, or mysterious Reeval—the source of the Nibovian threat.
  • Multiple modes of dimensional travel. Explore the Sideslip Fields. Pilot the Crystal Ship. Take a ride on the Silent Nyek. Or enter the Grinder of Infinities.
  • New creatures, including the arravelon, the stealthy pariall, the carnivorous colour, the time wraith, and the deadly lycidaris, a dimensional locust.
  • Twelve alternate realities to discover.

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