Knights of Fate


Knights of Fate, a sourcebook for Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG, is a guide for Warrior Jedi to excel in combat and fulfil their destiny.

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Knights of Fate is a sourcebook for the Force and Destiny roleplaying game focused on the Warrior career.  Knights of Fate features support and guidance for reinforcing the themes and roles of Warriors in the narrative, from suggestions on how they could approach different challenges to the ways in which other character Careers might interact with a Warrior’s capabilities and limitations.

Included in its 96 full-colour pages are a multitude of character options such as three new species. There are also three new specialisation trees that emphasise unique methods of fighting with the Force.

New starships, vehicles, droids, weapons, and other equipment will help expand your campaign’s richness and variety. These are useful whether the campaign exclusively uses Force and Destiny or includes the other Star Wars Roleplaying Games.

The galaxy is a dangerous place. The teachings and traditions of the Jedi have been lost to treachery and murder. A new generation of those who wield the Force alongside martial training or physical prowess stand against the corrupting darkness. Whether to protect the innocent or assault the enemies of peace, Warriors invoke unparalleled mastery of combat bolstered by the mysterious power of the Force.

Knights of Fate Contents:

  • A more in-depth look at Warriors and integrating them into your campaign.
  • Three new player species.
  • Three new Warrior specialisations, including one based on Mace Windu’s contentious Vaapad lightsaber fighting style!
  • New Talents, Signature Abilities and Force Power.
  • New weapons, equipment, droids and vehicles.
  • Last but not least, new options for campaign rewards such as titles and allies.

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