Moffet and Kenobo

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Moffet and Kenobo are two heroic models for the Star Nebula Corsairs in Relic Knights.

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Moffet and Kenobo have plundered the space lanes for over a century. While the two have never become friends they share a mutual respect forged in cruicible of battle. Both are unswervingly loyal to Captain Harker and never stray far from his side.

Moffet has seen much in her two hundred cycles of life. All she knew and everyone she loved when she first took to the stars are gone now. Very early in her career, Moffet discovered a strange device which she discovered allowed her to slip through time. It never let her go far and never for very long, but she soon found that tuning herself to it had also slowed her ageing; she ages only a day for every cycle that others live.

Kenobo is a Monk of Gomandi. He comes from a fleet that worshipped an obscure aspect of the Noh god, which caused the other Noh fleets to turn on Kenobo’s people and exile them. With no honour in the Noh sense, Kenobo has become a sell-sword to support his people and has chosen Captain Harker as employer.


  • 1x Moffet Model
  • 1x Kenobo Model
  • Unit Tracker and Reference Cards
  • 1x 30mm Base
  • 1x 50mm Base

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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