Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack

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The Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack includes ready-to-play card scenery for the Infinity game.

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The Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack includes ready-to-play card scenery for the Infinity game. The four buildings, six containers and game mat can be transported flat-packed. They can then can all be assembled within five minutes to create your playing area, and even flattened again once you’re done if you wish. The buildings have even been designed so that the boxes Infinity miniatures come in and fit neatly inside to reinforce them for extra sturdiness.

The theme of the Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack is an outpost of USAriadna on the planet Ariadna. However, the scenery is not so specific that it couldn’t represent any rural or temporary outpost within Infinity (or any other sci-fi game).


  • 2x Tactical Operation Centre buildings
  • 2x Communication Station buildings
  • 6x Cargo Containers (in three different designs)
  • 1x Gaming Mat (24 x 34 inches)
  • 1x Assembly Instruction Sheet.

Note: No miniatures are included with this product. The USAriadna faction models shown in pictures are for scale and comparison purposes only.

Shiny Games says about the Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack

Like the Moto.tronica Scenery Pack and Hephaestus Scenery Pack, this is a great scenery pack at a great price. As an Ariadna base, the technology and feel of this is a lot more modern-military than sci-fi futuristic. This was originally released as part of the USAriadna Army Pack, but is now available separately.

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Weight 237 g
Dimensions 304 × 240 × 12 mm


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