Ninth World Bestiary 2

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The Ninth World teems with life – and most of it is hungry!

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The Ninth World is unlike any other fantasy setting: weird, imaginative, dangerous, and often a bit creepy. The creatures of Numenera are no different – and the Ninth World Bestiary 2 gives you over 160 new ones to populate your campaign. These are creatures undreamt of by even the most experienced pursuer of the numenera: the huge, burrowing mimus; the six-mouthed jreet; the mirror-faced cyclic raider; and many, many more.


  • Over 160 new creatures to populate your campaign.
  • An extensive index of all creatures from products across the Numenera game line.
  • Random encounter tables for creatures from this book, the Ninth World Bestiary, and the Numenera corebook.
  • Random tables to generate new creatures on the fly.
  • Finally, useful insights on the behaviours, beliefs, and relationships of Ninth World creatures.

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