Numenera Character Options 2

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Numenera Character Options 2 expands your choices to build a truly creative character in the Numenera RPG.

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Build a Character As Wondrous As the Ninth World Itself! In the tradition of the original Numenera Character Options, Character Options 2 expands your choices to build truly creative characters. New location-based and racial descriptors, exciting new foci, new organizations, and two new types — the first added to the game since the Numenera Core Book — give you more fun, wonderful, and weird choices than ever before.


  • Two new character types. First, the Glint is a master of interaction—making friends, persuading strangers, and even delivering the occasional untruth. Meanwhile, Seekers spend their time looking for discoveries. They are resourceful explorers steeped in numenera lore.
  • More than 35 new descriptors, including general descriptors (such as Altruistic, Extraterrestrial, and Rebellious), location-based descriptors (such as Frostborn and Gaian), and racial descriptors (such as Artificially Intelligent and Calramite).
  • 25 new foci, including Becomes Energy, Delved Too Deeply, Steps Into the Outside, and Wonders.

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