Numenera Cypher Chest

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The Numenera Cypher Deck, XP Deck, and Creature Deck, originally released as PDFs, are terrific game aids that make it easy to randomly determine and track transient items. The Cypher Chest brings them all together in a single print product that gives you all three decks plus a great way to store them!

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The Numenera Cypher Chest contains the Cypher Deck, XP Deck, and Creature Deck. Originally released as PDFs, these are terrific game aids that make it easy to randomly determine and track transient items. The Cypher Chest brings all three decks together in a single box that is also great to store them in!

The three decks come in a sturdy rigid box, sized to sit neatly alongside your Numenera books on your shelves. The internal tray holds the three existing decks, with room to store future expansions.

Cyphers are among the most common type of numenera devices in the Ninth World. They are usually single-use and frequently cobbled together or used in ways completely unrelated to their original intent. Cyphers are a great opportunity for characters to discover numenera to use as one-time weapons, wearable devices or quick heals. The Cypher Deck allows GMs and players to randomly generate single-use cyphers on the fly. Each of the twenty item cards have been lavishly illustrated with different device types. Meanwhile each of the 100 power cards offers multiple power options to match the device.

Exploration and risk are everything in Numenera. Players earn experience points not for killing monsters, but for making discoveries and facing unexpected challenges. You might rack up your XP between sessions; however, usually you receive experience points during play, when events take an unexpected turn or you make a remarkable discovery. And XPs are a sort of currency, often changing hands between players. The XP Deck provides a set of tangible tokens to represent experience points.

Build encounters quickly and easily, or create them randomly on the fly—then give your players a look at their foes before plunging into combat. The Creature Deck contains 99 of the most commonly encountered creatures in the Ninth World. These creatures come from both the Numenera core book and The Ninth World Bestiary. When you need to build an encounter (either when prepping your game or at the gaming table), simply draw a card from this deck. You’ve got basic stats (with a reference to the core book, for full stats and info) on one side, and an image to share with your players on the reverse.

On top of all that, you can easily store all three decks in the sturdy Cypher Chest box, which is sized to fit nicely on your shelf alongside your other RPG products. And since one can never have too many cyphers or creatures, it even has additional space for future decks.

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