Punishing One Expansion Pack

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The Punishing One Expansion Pack contains an one large-based ship for your Scum and Villainy forces.

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Despite his slovenly appearance, Dengar earned a reputation as one of the galaxy’s most effective mercenaries, and his signature JumpMaster 5000, the Punishing One, was also much more than the lightly-armed and crescent-shaped scout ship it appeared to be. With its pre-painted, large-base JumpMaster 5000 miniature and its array of ship and upgrade cards, the Punishing One Expansion Pack brings both Dengar and his surprisingly powerful ship to X-Wing, along with a maneuver dial, all requisite tokens, and the ability to fire its turret in a 360-degree arc.


  • 1 Painted Plastic Ship with Base and Pegs
  • 1 Manoeuvre Dial
  • 15 Cards
  • 22 Tokens

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Weight 260 g
Dimensions 246 × 164 × 64 mm


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