Rock Hills


This Hill set contains one large multi-level hill, one medium multi-layer hill, and a small boulder model. They can combine into a single hill.

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The Rock Hills set contains one large multi-level rocky hill, one medium multi-layer rocky hill, and a small single-level one.

The hills have plenty of wide, flat surfaces that you can place your models on as they climb over the rocks, or place other terrain pieces on the hill. The sheer back of the hill is designed so you can fit two hills together to form a larger hill, or place other sections along side it creating a new shape.

Monster Scenery is a new line of pre-painted, game-ready plastic terrain from Monster Fight Club!

Rock Hills Contents:

  • Large Hill
  • Medium Hill
  • Small Rock

Note: Actual contents and colours may vary from items shown

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Weight 393 g
Dimensions 247 × 172 × 87 mm


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