Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion

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The Explorer’s Edition Fantasy Companion features fantasy genre material for your Savage Worlds game.

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Hundreds of items, monsters, and new spells await your dungeon delvers in this Explorer’s Edition-size, full-color Fantasy Companion for Savage Worlds. Arm your dwarven warrior with all-new Edges and a legendary axe; then he can stand against terrible dragons, loathsome demons, and even the most-dreaded giant bees!

This Companion is full of fantasy genre material ready to be added to your game. Expand your options and increase your fun: get a Companion today!

The Fantasy Companion requires the Savage Worlds roleplaying game to play.

Shiny Games says about the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion

Savage Worlds gives you a great set of rules that is suitable for any genre. Even if you have your own ideas for a specific fantasy setting, it’s great to have help with the details. The edges and backgrounds for traditional fantasy races and professions are all here. Along with that there’s magic, equipment and a large bestiary of creatures and opponents that you’ll find in the majority of fantasy settings.

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