Sins of Regret

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Sins of Regret is a 32-page adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. Set in the troubled village of Twin Blessings, it is perfect for Ronin characters.

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Escape the ghosts of the past in the Sins of Regret adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game! This 32-page book takes you to the troubled village of Twin Blessings. Here, the elements are imbalanced, the crops fail, bandits prowl the woods, and still the daimyo demands his due. But Lord Jikai faces troubles of his own as duplicitous vassals and restless spirits threaten to unseat him. If you help Jikai hold his power you may win his favour or even prove yourself worthy of the lord’s patronage, but is the daimyo worthy of your assistance? What does Bushido demand in the face of this looming conflict? Only you can decide which path you will take. Does your loyalty belong to the villagers, the lord, or yourself alone? Find out by playing Sins of Regret.

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