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The Taksim Donor Kebab is a favourite of the drunkest of drunk salary men stumbling through the sprawl back to their company supplied coffin in some grim corporate hab block after a big night in the districts. Taksim’s outlets serve up a delicious atomic calorie bomb of garlic sauce, chilli, spiced beef and pickled turnips that will help soak up all the the low grade synthahol that Easy District’s seedier watering holes try to pass off as the real thing.

The Taksim Donor Kebab model is one of four exquisitely detailed food vendors. These are ideal to give your table the feel of sprawling cyberpunk melting pot. The include removable roofs for interior access, a fully detailed kitchen, and acrylic signage. These signs will really make it pop on your city streets.

You can place these food vendors together to create a larger food court; alternatively, you can use them separately and scatter them around the table. They are small structures and excellent at filling out awkward spaces that larger buildings might leave.

You can download the instructions for building these food vendor kits in the from our website.

Taksim Donor Kebab Approximate Dimensions

Footprint: 95mm x 95mm
Height: 60mm

Note: This is not a toy. Contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 12 years of age. Kit supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 300 × 208 × 6 mm


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