TIE Bomber Expansion Pack

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The TIE Bomber Expansion Pack is a great addition to your Rebel squadron.

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While not as agile or fast as other TIE variants, the TIE bomber is capable of delivering an astonishing payload, and the TIE Bomber Expansion Pack carries enough firepower to destroy virtually any enemy target. Each TIE bomber is capable of carrying two torpedoes, two missiles, and one bomb. Accordingly, the expansion’s five upgrade cards present you with a wide array of armaments, including the punishing Proton Bombs. You’ll also find a striking miniature, a maneuver dial, all necessary tokens, and four talented new pilots.


  • 1 Painted Plastic Ship with Base and Pegs
  • 4 Ship Cards
  • 5 Upgrade Cards
  • 13 Tokens
  • 1 Manoeuvre Dial

Shiny Games says about the TIE Bomber Expansion Pack

The TIE Bomber Expansion Pack provides you with the heaviest hitting TIE in terms of raw firepower. Bombers are not as manoeuvrable as other TIEs, so they’ll need protected by other ships until they can deliver their payload.

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Weight 97 g
Dimensions 180 × 95 × 60 mm


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