Trench 2″ Long


This 2” long Trench section terrain piece comes in two resin parts. Players can add this to the game to help protect their infantry for just 2 TV.

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This Trench section terrain piece is 2” long. Players of any faction can add a 6″ long Trench to the game board to help protect their infantry for just 2 TV (Threat Value).

This trench terrain piece is in 1/144th scale. It comes in two resin parts, one for each side of the trench. The rules for it and other terrain pieces for Heavy Gear Blitz can be found in the Force Compendium, which is also available as a free download on Trenches are also available in 3″ long sections.

Note: Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 16 g
Dimensions 132 × 107 × 12 mm



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