Vulcania RPG Bundle

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The Vulcania RPG Bundle is your chance to get everything available at release for the Vulcania Roleplaying Game at a great 13% discount!

Vulcania Rulebook

The Vulcania Rulebook contains everything you need to roleplay in the steampunk fantasy world of Vulcania, plus an A2 poster-sized world map.

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Vulcania Narrator Screen

The three-panel Vulcania Narrator Screen is a really useful reference to keep your Vulcania games running quickly and smoothly, featuring fantastic art on the players’ side.

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Vulcania Steambag & Dice

The Vulcania Steambag and Dice features an elegant velvet pouch with a gold Vulcania RPG logo, containing six custom 12-sided dice.

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Vulcania Token Pack

The Vulcania Token Pack includes 50 double-sided card character tokens, ideal for use with tactical maps, and 20Gears of Fate tokens.

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Vulcania Map Pack

The Vulcania Map Pack includes 2 double-sided A3 tactical maps and an A2 tactical map with a Vulcania world map on the other side.

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The Vulcania RPG Bundle is your chance to get everything available at release for the Vulcania Roleplaying Game by Gear Games. The bundle also gives you a 13% discount on purchasing each item individually!

This bundle includes the standard Vulcania RPG Rulebook, a 436-page hardback filled with beautiful artwork. It also includes the Narrator Screen so your games run smoothly without stopping to refer to the rules so often. You’ll need dice to play, so this  includes the Steambag with six-custom 12-sided dice.

So you can see where everyone is during combat encounters, there’s the Token Pack and Map Pack. This gives you plenty of tactical maps and the tokens to show where both player characters and their opposition are.

Note: This bundle does not include the Vulcania Limited Edition Rulebook with leather-effect cover. If you want that version of the rulebook then this bundle is not ideal for you. There are also some PDF-only products that are available for Vulcania which are not included in this bundle; you can find these on the Gear Games website.


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