Collect Shinies

We want to give you Shinies! Shinies are our way of saying thanks for shopping with us and please come back again; they’re our rewards scheme if you like.

How Shinies Work

You get 1 Shiny for every Great British Pound you spend on products with us. Each Shiny can then be traded in for a 1 penny (£0.01) discount on a future purchase. You can trade in any number of Shinies at once, so even if you only have a few you can still get a discount.

So, for example, buying something for £25.00 will earn you 25 Shinies, which you can use for a 25p discount off your next order.

We don’t like dealing in half Shinies, so we round to the nearest whole Shiny.  So if you buy something for £8.50 you get 9 Shinies – that’s half a Shiny for free!

You can also get 10 Shinies if you review a product that you’ve purchased from us. You’ll also have the comfort of knowing that you’re helping others decide which product is right for them.

If you want to store up your Shinies into a big Shiny pile that’s okay with us too. And we’ll never take your Shinies away from you (unless you trade them in for a discount, of course) – your Shinies will never expire.

Checking your Shiny Balance

You can see how many Shinies you have by clicking on the My Account link at the bottom of every page – you’ll need to be logged in to do so. It will be listed under My Shinies.

If you think we’ve added up your Shinies wrong let us know and we’ll look into it for you.

Note: You only collect Shinies if you have an account with us, not if you buy without registering. If you buy something without registering and then realise you’re missing out on Shinies, create an account with the same email address as you used to order, then send us a quick message about it and we’ll credit you the Shinies that you’re due.