Sins RPG

Sins RPG is all at once an exciting, mysterious and terrifying game which crosses several genres, and contains a rich mythos with a great deal to explore and inspire the imagination, all whilst taking familiar genres that you know and love into creative new ground.

Games Expo 2018 People’s Choice Award Winner – Best Roleplaying Game

Sins Character smoking a cigarette

A Dying World

Sins takes place in our own world, albeit about a century from now. The world as we know it is gone, replaced with a bleak post-apocalyptic wilderness. Some areas of the world have been scorched by nuclear weapons, and others have returned to their natural state, but the one constant is that mankind is no longer the master of the world. Large nations or civilisations are rare, and most contact takes place primarily on a local level between nomadic groups and small settlements. There are exceptions however, and one of the core themes of the game is the re-emergence of civilisations.

A Monstrous Enemy

A major aspect of the Sins RPG setting are the Brood. These are best described as a vast horde of highly mobile animated dead who share a dim collective consciousness. They also have the capacity to evolve into more dangerous, specialised forms. It’s a mistake to view the Brood simply as the walking dead, because as their numbers grow, they begin to hear a strange, unearthly call; this lends a frightening degree of regenerative endurance and cunning coordination to their actions.

Dark Heroes

The beings which players portray were originally individuals consumed by the Brood. However, they fought back against their Hive-mind to retain a sense of self-awareness; as such, they regained their human forms and consciousness. Striking out against the Brood, they became known as the Nemissaries, after the ancient Greek goddess of retribution.

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