Aftermath Sentry City“It didn’t take long; a matter of minutes, before the bombs fell and the world was reduced to chaos. Countries collapsed and cities destroyed, those who survived the attacks have found themselves struggling for survival. Pitted against man, beast and the hellish remains of crumbling ruins will mankind prevail in the Aftermath.”

The Aftermath range of scenery takes Sentry City into a post-apocalytic setting. Ruined buildings and roadways, electrical pylons, highway signs and other icons of the post-apocalyptic setting are all here. Whether weapons, disease or zombies have brought society to it’s knees, the Aftermath range can bring the apocalypse to your gaming table.

Don’t Wait for the Apocalypse

This range can be mixed-and-matched with Sentry City, Chinatown and the Sentry City Accessories ranges to build ruined cityscapes or just a bad part of town in a modern day city. Some of the features, like the roadway sections can equally be used as a part of modern day Sentry City terrain.

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Showing all 11 results