The South - Allied Southern Territories

South (AST)The Southern polar regions of Terra Nova are a warm mix of biomes including jungles, swamps, and plains. The region was highly desirable to the early colonists of Terra Nova, despite being home to poisonous indigenous creatures. Because of this, they founded many city-states there. Initially, the unified earth government controlled settlement expansion. Financial issues eventually forced Earth to withdraw and Terra Nova was left to fend for itself. The South was home to the formation of several Leagues that were eventually unified into the Allied Southern Territories using a combination of diplomacy and military strength. It’s goal was to provide safety and economic advantages to the member Leagues. However, the dominant League of the Allied Southern Territories – the AST – has always been the Southern Republic.

The Southern MILICIA

The MILICIA (MILitary Intervention and Counter-Insurgency Army) is the unified military force of the AST. This force draws from all of the Southern city states and friction between recruits from different Leagues is not uncommon. The MILICIA is also known for pillaging and brutality. The force’s budget is limited, so troops often commandeer food and other supplies while deployed in the field. The diverse troops are often unruly and known for rioting. The MILICIA also fields convicted criminals assigned to military service. Their poor morale and discipline is considered a result of their relationship with the Southern Republican Army. MILICIA forces are often assigned to objectives the SRA feels are distasteful or beneath their abilities. This often includes missions where heavy loss of life is expected. The MILICIA must often make do with older Gears and other military equipment, which fuels their resentment of the more prestigious SRA.

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